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Some people call me a geek. Others call me a weirdo. Most call me a dope MC. Follow me, and make your own call.

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RT : Too bad the WWE DVD version doesn't have it because they won't pay for the rights!

Well, time for my daily #ThirstTweet

RT :'ll let me win today so i can feel better? ? ;)))

RT : what if i cry. ? ;) baha!

oh, I got a "hey boo?" Well…

you're alive!



RT : cheater

Yo this your homegirl


tempting, but…

Of course! you know it! RT :

"I'd eat Mariah Carey's butt from the back."- #Whoa

Well, James White…

It's. About. To go. DOWN!

RT : I got cottonmouth like a mother fucker

come on, Kanye

RT : yeah only for now

RT : lmao sure

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