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Silly furniture blockade

Yup!! RT : DanielleAmbz you will in the morning... http://t.co/7j8WnKs8Vb

Alcoholics who never learn #ShirazSundays

Ready for Pinkiefest. Bad weather doesn't keep the pink away

we're having ginger email wars. Bit of a competition to find the worst ginger photo on the internet. This was yesterday:

I have so many questions about the existence of this picture. Why, internet, WHY?!?

its Berlin all over!! ;) super jealous of where you're heading next, heard it's awesome!

Hot Rod joke that will never get old

Romantic, and apt, birthday card.

Damn Ns, why you gotta be next to the Bs!? #AutocorrectFail

If men wrote advice columns. Terrible but made me laugh outrageously loud

Can't actually believe someone made this, nonetheless, it is good advice...

You know me so well,

Mum just sent me this 'selfie' (I suspect she got my dad to take it) of how my cat occupies her lap while she works.

So this is my job. I fucking love colouring.

Had the best time on the cableway, guys!

Painting the nails on the right hand was never my strong point.

This is a screenshot of 's photo on instagram. I must be dirty minded to see what I see but clearly I'm not alone?

Reckon I may have misjudged the depth of that pile of mud.

Mullet grocery shopping. Business up front, party in the back.