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I'm feelin fat :)

Im 14 and I drew this in between classes. Plz see this! Please.. I culdnt beg more..

Guys! Help me get to see my drawing!!!!! I worked so hard on it!!

Guys plz rt this!!! Help me get to se iitttt :'(

Every body RT this so I can get to see it!!!! Plz I worked so hard on it!!

I am sending this to your house cuz u won't see it on twitter :'( PLZ NOTTICE THIS!!

PLZ NoTiCE mE! I drew this in school and I'm from pittsburgh.. I want you to SEE ME!!

PlZ follow or RT your my OBSESSION! I just bought everyone of ur songs! NOJOKE

#SWAG #SWAG damn u no how to make a hit ;)

is the only one tht can pull off this face :)

plz notice this! I took my time n I'm not done but I'm from pitt too:) NoTICE mE

is the only one that can pull off this face.. My favorite video :)

Why is so perfect?!

sorry you couldn't come :( beb jb smells SO GOOD

My friends are FUCKED UP :)

Condom carnival ?? Haha yep pittsburgh has one :)


Selena!!! WOAH!!!!!! Comment ans tell what u think!!

Okay! #DONE with 's picture..Starting on 's:) even tho they won't c it:/