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Is there concrete all around or is it in my head? http://t.co/AXEfgKO46Q

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I think the adaptation of this I watched in the cinema last year was, to say the least, 'free'.

Look at this photograph.

Iggy is RIGHT in his element here.


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I got sent this T-shirt by the great . Nice to find that such a talented man is also a lovely gent.

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"Will you BE my Daddy?"

"YOU'RE not my Daddy :-("

"Daddy? Daddy? Daddy? Where's my daddy? Daddy? Daddy?"

Got that?

I think this illness is definitely taking it's toll on Andrea .

Yeah. Might want to back up a wee bit, psycho.

Found it you guys....THE bleakest, most fatalistic, downbeat tape in my collection.

Saturday afternoon.

Money Transfer F-One Eleven

THERE'S your Union Jack.

Have a swell weekend now, y'hear?

(Picture nicked from Rob McCallum)

The dust jacket blurbs on the biography are putting me right off my Red Bull:

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The repeat after the watershed is called 'Fuck Men'.

My #cinephilephoto (number 6) in reply to
Nominate and

They've spelled 'Satan' wrong.

#CinefilePhoto (number 5) in reply to .

I nominate and

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Happy birthday !
As birthday card here's a sketch he made of me in Rico's, Greenock circa 1995.

Oh man, I should really cut down on the Scotch.