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Thankful wife, Thankful mommy, Thankful coach, Thankful studio owner....I'll never understand why He chose me, but I'm so thankful He did!

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The reason why my son started crying. Didn't care that candy came from the beheading. #KidsVictoryWkndAnyone?

This is Brooklynn at the playground on a boat that rocks. I think she had rocking chair flashbacks. Luv Family Day w/the Owens crew!

Brooklynn. You are whining. Are you tired? Do you need to take a nap? She tells me no. This pic says her response is debatable.

Niagra Falls. This is a pic from my phone off my camera so the quality is sub-par but you get the idea. So pretty :)

I'm in New York at a resort called Holiday Valley. Heading to Niagra Falls tomorrow.

it's a boy!!!

Here is the infamous Mr. Sushi :). Oh and #MyHashtagsAreUsuallyEasierThanMostBcICapatilize

Oops here's the pic. And did I mention he's been taking care of me as I'm grossly sick. #myHubbyRocks #imTheNotSoSexyValentineRightAboutNow

And everybody said amen...


for future reference if you get confused you can keep this tweet on file to help you out. This is what you want to look for...

One of the few times my daughter wasn't crying during this outing. The bff's are both happy at the same time. Praise!

making my life a blessed one. &2. and I looked malnourished back in the day! Lol

you like my ribbons??? Hahahaha

At the game In the box with great friends. Oh where art thou ?? We miss you! Lol

At the game in the box with great friends :)) we wish u could sit with us but there aren't any extra seats :( sorry!

Thinking about this for my hubbie. Just gotta get the nice large gold chain to match. We all know how much he likes Jordans! Lol

He would be able to recognize as poop. And then I saw this. I'm speechless. Ewww.

& :she put them on and said I wanna show daddy and tiffy! So here you go!

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