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This was the filth gawd. DKNYJeans sweater and all.

RT : 9. Favorite book?

RT : 2. Favorite pic in your phone?

Ahem RT : We got two points in a playoff game YEARS ago. That the Saints watched, from the couch.

Hint: it's the same fanbase that likes to say "but Julio got hurt, and..." oh... didn't know he played defense.

Guess which fanbase continues to bring up the Saints 2012 defense like this didn't happen one season later?

this is how thorough it is.

this is how thorough it is.

this is how thorough it is.

bit of air in the line. Hold on.

hey man grate idea lol get it

BRUH the lil dude crossed him up in some fuckin ASICS

this passage immediately follows her declaration:

RT : 14. Twitpic your current view

Saw this guy in Toronto in June RT : 13. Twitpic the funniest image on ur phone/device

RT : 12. Twitpic the worst pic of you

RT : 11. Twitpic the best pic of you

What a distraction

"I wouldn't want to deal with all of it" refers to ONE aspect of Michael Sam's life. Keep not seeing it if you wanna