Dan Schneider


I'm Dan Schneider, of Schneider's Bakery, maker of some TV shows and movies. Victorious, iCarly, Drake & Josh, Good Burger, etc.

Photos and Videos by @DanWarp

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Pic! THIS JUST HAPPENED 2 minutes ago:

Pic! I kinda love my keychain. Do you? Look:

Pic! Look what Jennette is doing to Victoria! Click THIS:

Pic! Here's what's happening in the Victorious school hallway:

Pic! Now THIS is what's happening in Victorious rehearsal:

Pic! Look what's happening in Victorious rehearsal RIGHT NOW:

I know I'm a nerd, but I think these soda bottles in my hotel fridge are pretty cool:

Pic! I feel like I'm about to eat Spongebob sushi - look:

Pic! I was bored, so I put my socks on my cat. Proof:

Pic! Filming RIGHT NOW. Took this pic 30 seconds ago:

Pic! Look who I caught taking a nap this morning after breakfast:

Pic! Look who's rehearsing RIGHT NOW:

Pic! Are you ready for this? Here is what I was just served:

Pic! Ha. Look what I just saw:

Pic! These socks made me think of and :

Pic! Is it just my imagination, or was my cat () trying to give me the finger when I took this?

Pic! Chocolate PIZZA, anyone? LOOK:

Pic! These are CHOCOLATE SYRINGES - to shoot chocolate into your mouth! LOOK:

Pic! Trina... she's not so good at cooking a turkey. LOOK:

Pic! Just taken, 30 seconds ago: