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I'm Dan Schneider, of Schneider's Bakery, maker of some TV shows and movies. Victorious, iCarly, Drake & Josh, Good Burger, etc.

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Pic! Just taken 60 seconds ago! Here's some iCarlys on the set with super-fan :

Pic! Just snapped this pic 45 seconds ago! It's iCarly SUPER-FAN with GUPPY:

Pic! Guess who is in the iCarly episode we're shooting this week! To find out, CLICK THIS PIC:

Here's what's happening RIGHT NOW at the iCarly run-through!

Just found my cute wife playing with this:

Yep - iCarly and my wife , here at SNL!!!

Pic! Does anyone actually use THESE anymore? Ever?

Pic! I just took this pic 20 seconds ago - this is my night! LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!!

Pic! This is what's happening on the iCarly set RIGHR NOW!

Pic! Just taken at after party;

Who plays Draw Something? Can you help with this one?!?!?

Pic! This photo taken 30 seconds ago:

Pic! I have a feeling this pic might make you smile pretty big:

8:30pm - Now working on rewrite of the Victorious script we rehearsed today. These are some of the Victorious writers:

8:28pm - Wrapped (finished) filming iCarly for the day:

6:00pm - This just happened on the iCarly set - but this is NOT an iCarly actress... and who is this actor?

5:04pm - Just taken at Victorious rehearsal:

4:33pm - Just taken at Victorious rehearsal:

4:27pm - Just taken at Victorious rehearsal:

4:27pm - Just taken at Victorious rehearsal: