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I am a pervert with a drinking problem. I take cold showers every night. I never have typos because I'm perfect.

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The "inflatable breast look" has got to go. I actually prefer flapjacks to these ballons.

This is what I saw.

Your vagina is like this rose, only more confusing.

“Just airing my labia out, watching the game, no biggie”


Almost there.


This is the only religion I believe in. YUMMY


Let me outta here!!!

This girl is a dream. The things I would do to her.

Invisible swimming pool.

[rings triangle chime]

Dinner’s ready boys!!!!

If your job was a “Poop Technician” at the zoo, your day would look this.

Continue eating swine and I’ll continue avoiding type 2 diabetes.

How to cure writer’s block

Man’s guide to female anatomy.

When I come home from work this is the first thing I want to see.