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Exclusive! First image of Skyrim: Dawnguard's vampire lord villain, who plots to block out the sun:

The Chryssalid kill animation in XCOM is positively brutal. Plus, then you're a zombie.

I actually kinda like this new PC game logo. Too bad it's confusingly placed directly under a giant Xbox logo.

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Cat Google Hangout with and

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Er. Thanks but no thanks?

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Re: First Pentium on the block

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On a related note: technically true, but...really Amazon?

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Took me forever to figure out that that's a shell casing ejecting from his gun and not a clothespin on his nose.

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Seriously, WTF is that supposed to be? A backward €? (Figured it out eventually)

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Today at the PCG offices: Batman springs into action to save Lt. Worf from being eaten by Diablo.

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Yesterday's hike was pretty intense.

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Cats have no respect for quarantine zones

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Taking a preemptive approach this time. #fnv

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Gotta love the Saints Row 2 character editor. I still have my Badass Rasta Spock.

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No one bothered to chronicle my Double Down adventure, but here's birthday boy biting the chicken-bullet.

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I hate when I take a great screenshot too late to use in a review. This one's from FO3: Point Lookout

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