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Senior Associate Editor at Game Informer. Guinness World Record holder. Esteemed author of the Air Force Gator series (available in print/Kindle. Link below)

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This is what $11 gets you in Los Angeles

Are there supposed to be tiny dead fish on my cashews?

I'm definitely sitting next to Dr. Hammond from Jurassic Park

I hope to reach these heights someday

Oh lord. I will miss this world.

I've never wanted to buy an album less in my life

Oh lord, there's another side to 's DVD cabinet

Holy hell, 's DVD collection is the worst

Jesus Christ I love this country

Our Skyrim statue is quickly turning into one of those mannequins in the game that you put extra clothes on

Heard one of my figures fall down just now, and I looked over. If you're a wrestling fan, you'll know why this is funny

I'm pretty sure I was just driving behind the coolest guy in the world

This is what Fez has me doing right now

They might as well call this "Bands Dan Ryckert Never Wants To SeeFest"

Unexpected follow of the day

New Borderlands 2 class: the Mechromancer. Sounds like it'll be DLC

Gearbox panel update:

Current status of Gearbox panel:

Currently watching Samara's face model try to get into the Curse party while in full costume

Bars should not have this many Axe bottles in their bathroom. Or any Axe bottles.