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All San Diego bicyclists: Be cautious around a maroon Chevrolet Traverse LT, CA license plate ending in H277, driven by a grey-haired white male. Might have a teenage white male passenger. The vehicle was driven too rapidly onto a solid white lane marker in a threatening manner toward a bicyclist stopped at a stop sign. The driver appeared to say "wait" toward the bicyclist as the driver rolled through the stop sign. The driver was subsequently observed driving in two lanes at once.

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My 700W supercommuter with & #ebike kits on a 8.4 DS.

  • 353 days ago via site
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My e-trike project for my dad. I just have to finish the trunk/rear seat.

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After 3 months and 500 miles, I finally have my commuter #ebike dialed-in. #barshot

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My new cargo trailer attached to my commuter #ebike

  • 731 days ago via site
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Will 8.4DS+ PL350HT+ Stan's + Thudbuster=fun commute?

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Our Trek 850 Bionx is being put out to pasture because of a tired frame. No more commuting by bike for me until we get our next electric bike.

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Everyone loves Mamie!

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#Oggie 6 week update: 38lbs, house-trained, appetite for shoes if given the chance, loves to play chase.

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. Our pack joined me for lunch today. #takeyourdog

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Doggies! One more! Uh, I guess we're done.

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Doggies! Pretty girl Trixie! Rocco, Oggie - look this way!

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Doggies! Let's try that again. Hold on, Oggie.

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Doggies! Look at me. Smile!

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Doggies! Lets take a group pic.Everyone sit!

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#Oggie 1 week update: +2lbs. Mostly off-lease in house. Hangs with Rocco. Still a bit anxious, slow to settle.

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Elicadamus predicted correctly. Doughnuts at breakfast and flan at dinner yesterday. Tiramisu at Lorna's today.

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Ten years ago this morning, Noey appeared on , stole <3 s, and forever changed how I define myself.

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Happy 2nd Birthday Trixie!

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Missing Blue today.

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