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Pitt stop #desertdash style. music, bike repairs & goulash, & lekker vibe

#desertdash sign in "tent" stage 3, First riders not expected for few hrs,

#desertdash roads! gravel gravel and more gravel

stage 3: backup vechiles waiting for rders. Probably a few hrs to go with this head wind #desertdash

Today at 14:00. One hr till the start ofthe 2012 #deserdash.

My bike's name, Pangolin, might seem random, until you know what it means - or see one in real life - found this one on our farm 4years ago.

My bike's name, Pangolin (or Ietermagog), might sound really random but they are amazing animals, if you are ever lucky enough to see one!

No escaping now, #DesertDash awaits my Pangolin. Thanks to , , and others for helping me build her!

What awaits in the morning.

Cheeky bugger! Not seen this pic before, makes P.G. look like a teenager

You've changed you have

Where do I get me some of these puppies?

It's not all bad. C'est la 'view'...

Condor's new assembly line in Namibia

Steely Dan getting close and personal with his new Girlfriend.

I was not afriad of the python - but had the car not gotten there first I would have RUN from this guy!!!!!

I am not dying and you are not a vulture - stop following me!

I know they don't like being picked up, but this guy was just absolutely furious when I saved his life today.

Oops... Pissed off python takes offence to nearly being flattened and prepares to strike

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