Ex racing greyhound, loving the pet world. Trained to race in Oklahoma, retired in Washington, moved to Illinois. I love chocolate, even though it can kill me.

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Jewelry for dogs. This beats the topiary.

Dog topiary. Yeh no...

Check out my bling. Custom Swarovski crystal studded leather collar and silver Tiffany necklace.

Look what brought me!! A whole tub of carob treats with sprinkles!!!

Look what 's mom sent me a photo of! Chocolate from Estonia!!! Noms.

Zzzz. Out like a light.

Mom seems to be mad at me.

This has ruined my afternoon walkies!!

It's hailing so hard that it looks like a snowstorm.

A giant picture frame fell ON MY BED. The human is trying to kill me!!

Mom said she has a surprise for me!!

Today's wound prevention program is my hot pink muzzle. At least I don't have to wear the stupid t-shirt.

taped muzzle didn't work, I panicked. Trying tshirt now.

Looks a little surreal, doesn't it? #ConeOfShame

Total crap day. Attacked at daycare. Now I have a bloody gash by my leg.

Hello from the cone of shame.

I survived my 1st day at the new place! It was so fun to hang with greys.

Being abandoned at the kennel gave me bad dreams featuring this thing.

Wearing my new pjs underneath my coat! It's cold!