as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

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the free legion pet is done! :D

  • 414 days ago via site
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legion Dead Knight .. each of these knights jaws have been taken so they may no longer speak all they know is discipline :P this set is for legion tokens only :D

  • 414 days ago via site
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latest armor for the legion, pretty sure it will be for tokens :D

  • 415 days ago via site
  • 2,717

latest flash work is done :D

  • 421 days ago via site
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the new legion class armor is done :D !!!!!

  • 426 days ago via site
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late night sneak peak for my latest armor in the works. :P

  • 427 days ago via site
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latest omni character armor (base Warrior)

  • 432 days ago via site
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Grim Blight of Destiny latest weapon :D with animation has some cool effects possibly from wut i hear :O

  • 433 days ago via site
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all my current project Omni characters i have created on the base that i had the honor of creating :D

  • 439 days ago via site
  • 3,086

Female Oathkeeper NPC possibly? who knows. :O

  • 443 days ago via site
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new awesome sword yesh? but! it needs a name :D so feel free to shoot some names

  • 443 days ago via site
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Female version of the "golden Fury"

  • 447 days ago via site
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wear the asgardian armor bestowed with the power of Odin and sleipnir and smite your foes with gungnir. optional helms shown and which spear is better, glow or no glow?

  • 447 days ago via site
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Golden Asgardian armor taking on the might power and speed of sleipnir :D (still a work in progress)

  • 448 days ago via site
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__________ the embodiment of fear is his title. but he needs a name still so feel free to shot some names. :D

  • 461 days ago via site
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future dage samurai / shogun whatever concept lol just a pretty random painting. may never have anything to do with the legion ingame but its an interesting vision of what could be

  • 462 days ago via site
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latest armor design. no name yet, put i planfor this to be a creature of the legion that seeks out those who use the power of the legion and turn on the legion or try to break the binding that the legion has on thier soul.

  • 462 days ago via site
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concept for the new archmage armor :P

  • 471 days ago via site
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1st legion follower normal and evil. tried to keep him some what simple XD

  • 476 days ago via site
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1st legion follower armor in the works. tried to go fo a young villager that tkes up his fthers armor so a mixture of basic clothing and armor

  • 476 days ago via site
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