as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

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Tibicenas paint process

  • 39 days ago via site
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wolfwing paint process

  • 40 days ago via site
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my work is once again completed and my hammer may find rest for a time. once again has darkness been re imagined infused with my malice and evil..... looking back at the old paragon, i have defiantly come along way XD

  • 64 days ago via site
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my time dragon revamp is complete! this is how the scene would look in my head :P

  • 71 days ago via site
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video preview of the chaos cleric

video preview of the chaos cleric

  • 77 days ago via site
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Heres is the line up of all my newest armors for AQW. Next week i will be starting on the Chaos healer :P

  • 82 days ago via site
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Dragon Emperor Color Custom set . each CC section is broken up according to the color chart

  • 111 days ago via site
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Glacier Lord and Lavastorm sets are complete , Which side will you chose >:D http://www.aq.com/gamedesignnotes/lqs14preview-3870

  • 118 days ago via site
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Arachnomancer staff and armor. this armor is transgender male and females will be able to quip this set!

  • 155 days ago via site
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Arachnomancer male and female armors . the 2 to the right will be the (armor) these 2 are available for both genders, so females can buy the male version as well as males can purchase the female versions.

  • 155 days ago via site
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male and female dark casters with face variant and Arcane cape

  • 167 days ago via site
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female dark caster prototype ( its not done yet)!

  • 168 days ago via site
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dark caster by itself and close up

  • 168 days ago via site
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The new dark Caster armor is finished! i finally feel like i made the dark caster better than ever before, what it should have been from the beginning! female dark caster is in the works :D

  • 168 days ago via site
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1st look at the newest Dark caster! keep in mind this is not finished and the head is a place holder for the moment , the hair is unfinished as well

  • 169 days ago via site
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demon dog painting is complete!

  • 173 days ago via site
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just some of the items and bosses i have made for my birthday event :D more to come!

  • 180 days ago via site
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1st look at the legion dragon rider >:D

  • 181 days ago via site
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moooaaah blade mastahhhh!

  • 194 days ago via site
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human variant of the beast!

  • 195 days ago via site
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