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Husband, father and writer with delusions of grandeur, perpetually on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

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Man in Black:

My final tweet before the lightning strikes. Farewell.

In my defense: It is a fairly grand mountain view:

The Good News: Kicking it @ the Grand Mountain View Resort w/ . The Bad News: Someone shrank it:

The Marketing Copywriter Who Gave Up:

Went to last nite & pretended to be hardcore fan. Truth: I'm a hardcore fan of free luxury-suite tix.

Is this *really* necessary? #mothernaturecangosuckit

And suddenly, my shitty day just got a *wee* bit better:

Arts & Crafts Tip For Bored Cubicle Dwellers: Banana Peel + Thumbtack = Big Fun! #imgoingbananas

The actual mag. Happy scrapbooking!

Hello, Times Square. (Jesus, I love this city.)

Part of a school project my son is working on. Excuse me; I seem to have something in my eye. *sniff*

If the dude who wrote this fortune for my cookie is wrong, I'm gonna beat his ass:


Glad to know I made you laugh. :) Happy Holidays! PS: Look what's on my nightstand:

: So I look over at the snacks I brought to work today, and I'm suddenly reminded of you:

Daughter: "Daddy, it's the lady from '1,251 Dalmations'!" #IDfail #mathfail

Doing shots at work ... because I know how to party:

Why does this exist?

Are your ears burning? We're all talking about you behind your back. #M3Summit

Let the games begin. #M3Summit