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I was born beardless. I got better. Reader, Writer, Tea Swiller, Beer Sipper, Cat Whisperer, Browncoat, Machead, Scoundrel, Weirdo. Not a foodie. (Really!)

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Hey! Mission accomplished today! Love it! (But I wish I was drinking it at the source!) Na zdraví!

Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs… well, I had an obligation to get them, didn't I?? ;-)>

Déjà vu

A souvenir from Germany: "Happy End" toilet paper. XD>

Signed a friend’s copy of Uncommon Dubai & amended my entry to mention him, appropriately. ;-)>

Dinner: paleo chicken enchiladas & sautéed baby asparagus

If you don't think that the stones of the Hajar Mountains are beautiful, well... you're wrong.

Here's your napping kitty picture for the day. You're welcome. :-)>

"Honey Oat Cafeteria & Restaurant"

Mmmm... Irani biriani! :-)>

Lunch: no-bun burger & sweet potato fries at :-)> Never get any guff here, just great food & service

In a tragic reversal of the norm, Fujairah’s been much hotter than Dubai lately. Like it’s *trying* to drive me away.

About to watch “The Fault In Our Stars” along with :-)> #TFIOS #TFIOSVOX

I've got issues from my past. ;-)>

Safely back home in Fujairah with the kitties. :-)>

Dinner: paleo enchiladas :-D> #DaddyBirdCooks

More sage advice: "Don't Call Until You Arraive"

"Yes for sports... No for drugs"
Wow, this is a full service ATM!

It's Bert & Oliver's Excellent Adventure! (OK, they thought it was a bogus journey.)