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My baby falling asleep with her aunty deja.


Watchng teyonce on fresh.

Goodmrning kiss for her fav show. The wot wots. :p

<3 choclte.

Yep, wen u cme to Raouleens hse.. U read! Atleast few

Lil Miss Cheeky


Loves her apples! :)

My baby stayn warm w/ hr books n bed :)

Out for the day :) goin to a feedback

Her morning face :D gtta love it.


Leopard eyeshadow.

Mad, she dosent wna listen wen i cal her. Lol cheeky

My baby in her bed wih her angel lights. Shes not ready to sleep but not down for any cot death. I love my baby so much.xxo

From saturday, my dad asks me if i went out. I said no.... Lol NEK MINIT!!! Evidence right infront of my face. Totally forgot!

My baby with her aunty teyonce


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