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Pioneers in the rescue, rehabilitation & release of orphaned baby elephants, we actively work to conserve all wildlife and wilderness areas in Kenya.

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Ishaq-B looks on as Kinango & Kithaka have their blankets adjusted - keeping them warm & protected from the sun

Drought is taking hold in Tsavo - our windmills can provide a lifesaving oasis in this arid landscape

Drought is taken hold in parts of Tsavo - our water windmills are a lifesaving oasis in this arid land

The rock hyrax who's been hand-reared at our field office now very much considers himself one of the team!

The best of friends - Turkwel & Tano, orphaned elephants in our care. When old enough they'll return to the wild

Orphan elephant #Faraja who has light colored hair, as opposed to the black hair usually seen on elephants!

Another rescue! 10mth old male calf from Amboseli - now safe at the orphanage. Rescued yesterday he is named Faraja

Nyika is being cared for at the DSWT's Nursery and he loves his milk! He's orphan, his mother killed for her ivory

A swathe of grey greeted Kasigau, Makireti & Ishanga in Ithumba - the next step in their return to the wild

Introducing our Three Amigo - Bomani

Introducing our Three Amigos - Balguda

Introducing our Three Amigo - Bomani

Introducing our Three Amigo - Balguda

Introducing our Three Amigos - Barsilinga

Oomphy our orphaned bush hyrax is getting more independent, but he does return occasionally to get his soya milk!

Have you noticed quite how big my ears are.......Kwale playing the role of Disney's Dumbo!

Newly rescued Kinango, a tiny one week old orphan, is relaxed with the keepers, such as Edwin

It was another Sunday and another rescue, little Kinanga is just a week old - so tiny & so fragile

ELE RESCUE - Kinanga is just 1 week old, rescued yesterday after he was found following cars along a coast road!