☮In a world full of stems and seeds, baby she's the chronic.☮ I enjoy my girlfriend, my bong, concerts, COD, and food. @ me.

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Happy 4:20!

Fuuuuck the weather for changed. Fuck fuck fuck

Whoops happy 420

Oh HELLLL NO my BFF just broke this piece she's had for years and wanted for years before she bought it

my right will only go this far for some reason and it really hurts.

no. While most fingers would bend this far (this is my left )

Pretty much the email I dream to wake up to every day lol

lol well the tobacco is in the toilet but here's the ends :)

Just found an almost full pack of cigs... Omfgggggg. I WON'T SMOKE THEM

I think I must have always liked turquoise.. I just found a jean miniskirt with it! From forever ago

these are SO LONG for me lol

New bowl!!!

Got a j rolled for my drive to work :)

Why has crackhead Fred been using this as a hairbrush

Wahh the summer set lineup was announced but the only super good one is


WOWWWW is fucking nasty. Dipped off at 8, leaving meat on the counter. Grimy.

I got more turquoise!! :)) from my grandma who just passed :(

It's gonna be may!