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BTRA. Mixtape onda way 'Lyrical Massacre' yu digg

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Niggas is Finally Fixin da Rim In Marcy dat I jammed on da oder day lol

Woke Up in Queens.. Idk how I got here.. Look at my cousin when he wakes up..

Chillin Wit Shine.. Tell me dis aint wild

Wit Shine.. Tell me dis aint wild

Ridin round tompkins wit a gay bike...

Harlem Flow.. Nicee yu kno. Wit BooBoo n Reez Freestylin lols

Why da hell do girls gotta dress all fancy n wut not 2 wash dey mans breifs ? SMH @ LaundyMatt hoes

Lmao look at da logo dey got in ma skoo..Look at what da nigga onda right about 2 do 2 da 1 inda mid

Walkn thru da city.. Jus seen dat nigga Mike Green from MSG.

Inda YMCA wrkin out yu kno.. Listenin 2 ma new song. #NP Doc Nice ft. Baby E - HeartBeat

Prayers 2 ma lil niqqa shay.. On his way 2 da hospital.. Cops here.. smh dag

Roamin New York mane.. Jus past da place wheree I got introduced 2 Lloyd Banks . .

Jus past da spot where I got introduced 2 Lloyd Banks..

'Brooklyn Massacre' ma 1st mixtape! Gonna be out by da end of july. ..

Southside queens.. Jus got bak inside.. Look at ma baby sis puerto rican slave/immagrant

Faget ass rides... Dey want kids to grow up and be gay. Smh

Shed a Tear 4 ma mans up in heaven.. R.I.P Pedro. ma flowers on the left. Happy fathers day dad :(

Here inda cemetary lookin for big p gravestone. I miss u pedroo

Ma son Weeezy high in class lmaoooooooo.. He was blazin dis mornin lmaoo

Papoose to doc nice :)) Wrdd App. I met maa fav rapppa man . Thnx a lott

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