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Afternoon snacks with #worstchef

Haaaapppppyyy birthday ! #whitegirlwasted

Seeing this every time I look at my phone #wilsonFTW

Someone please explain to me where all this food came from #fatass4lyfe

Goooood eats

Well I thought it was a good logic.. #applepieisgoodforyou

now lemme see your peacock cock cock cock cock cock


Good night to you too

This is the only motivation I have to keep me studying throughout the night

going home and changing into comfy teeshirts >>>

thaaank you for changing my location and website #fml #illgetyouback #karmasabitch

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else"

Yeah, this is definitely what we want to look at when we eat.

kisses from troy #lovemyfam

My boiii

Awwwwwwwww <3yoouJJ

definitely thought I had a ticket, you had me fooled #loveyou

Forever loved, rest easy jo<3

this has to be the most disrespectful status ever, #scumbag kids like him disgust me #sosickofhim