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Professional DJ makin ya shake ya ass! Proud little mons†er and HUGE BITCH. :)

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Hahaha poor Gab. Tired in the hospital.

Kitty loves Gabby

Nothin like Girl Scout chocolate mint trefoils. Nom nom.

Kittah swag hehehe he's totes posing

Ki at hitting camp.

Go walmart! Cute

Kirsten workin HARD at hitting camp! Lol

Thank God for honey. Yes im watching Lean On Me.

Sniff. Medicine. Theres more. Tea yes with honey. Wahhhhh! :'(

I love high fun socks :)

Here we r again!

Lol thank God kids have lil lanterns haha! Omg i wanna go 2 sleep!

Power went out! Wtf? Thank fuck 4 the generator!

They're baaaaaaaaack lol man i loved these things!

Ummmm GROSS! Is there a flood around?

Kittah has a full belly and is now a meatloaf next 2 me hehehehehe

Oh excuse me did i disturb u? Lol