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Can y'all imagine the classic albums we'll get if The Camel and The 'Yoncè ever break up?

I'm just gonna humbly place this right here nice and calmly.


Yo is this real life?

Not a clear conscious, but at least I'll start my day with a partly cloudy conscious. Shit be #scressful tho breh

I just discovered that women boil their weave to take the tangles out. I am flabbergasted and appalled

How y'all doin on this blessed afternoon? I feel great

RT : What jackets in a XL? Let's skip the third party.

RT : What jackets in a XL? Let's skip the third party.

if u wear a XL, lookout for 3-4 trash bags fulla Ralph Lauren sweaters, polos, jackets etc. about to hit ebay ->

Look at the back of 's neck. Overflowing with the building blocks to diabetes . It's so sad bruh

u queens gotta stop eatin like this

Is this some raggedy twat meat or the back of JC's neck? Don't's JC's neck vagina.

The extra fat meat on the back of 's head looks like shaved big girl puss