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I also found this picture of my 1972 Chevy Blazer project of mine. It was going to be a 72' Escalade. I want it back!

In my entire life I have only shaved my head 1 time... and I think it's going to remain that way #NeverAgain #LMAO 2001

Awesome day of snow boarding with & on Mt Charleston. Perfect weather but time to go home.

Scary guy in the beanie

You know how fast you were going?..... 63.

Isn't the speed limit 65?


He looks alive and well out in Hawaii or some place warm! Dammit Manny.

I knew I thought I saw Manny in Inception

Damn... Found a few more... lol

Closet Bane fan. lol RT Tom/ Bane is my idol! I ain't ashamed!;)lolz

Now that's training.

Tom Hardy. Hard to believe its the same dude!

Hope everything on the east coast is ok... This storm looks like its no joke!

At movies watching #Django The 9:20 showing was sold out. Almost didn't get a seat for the 9:50 either!! Daaaaamn!

Going to go see that new Tarantino film #DjangoUnchained .... I hope it doesn't suck. I like his movies.

Foxy likes to fall asleep sitting up like a human. She's prerry funny. I love this dog.

These poor dogs have to go out in public with their Christmas "flair" for the walk today. Phoenix is pissed. LMAO

After the walk.... We went on a long walk today...

Some body go out front and tell Manny dinner is ready.

This is how I would react too if someone was shouting in my face.... I don't get it. Who would enjoy that?

Watching Home Alone and I was thinking.... I wonder what Macaulay Culkin looks like now? #WhereAreTheyNow #Heroin :(