Jay-Z once told me to keep doin' what I'm doin' so that's what ima keep doin'

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Me & gettin' money! Must be illuminati!! They think we signed up cause this how we party!

Yo !! Let em' know!! The illuminati is here!! ▲

Come on all you DJ's!! Catch up wit my grind!! Ready, on ya mark, get set, LET'S GO!!! I'm on a roll


Mobb Depp 4 Life!!

#Whisper in less then a hour!! Ladies free until 11pm!!! Meet me there!! Ima turn it up!!

I'm not playing 1 record from 2012 tonight and ima still turn this shit upside down!! Be there!!

I'm bringing my A game to this shit tonight!! Going straight ham!!

It's goin' downnnn tonight tho!! Ladies be there b4 11pm and ur in FREE!! ---->

It's goin down tomorrow night!! DJ IAN LIVE!!! #Whisper in Philly!! Ladies free b4 11pm!


Ya'll DJ's better catch up wit me cause I aint fuckin' around wit ya'll this summer!! #ShadyGang

Someone stop me now b4 I get on a roll....danish!

Goin' Ham-Burger!! Catch up wit me!!

In the gym goin' ham again!!

Leaving for the gym bout to get my Forrest Gump on!!

This picture of Ye and Kim inspires me to get my entire life together!

My sister telling ya'll dj's what it is!! #reallydoe

Coming Soon!!! and myself finna fuck the music industry up 1 time! #reallydoe

Photo booth Swag! Smh!