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Forced to update my #Garmin b/c of my job. This update s/b done before the next millennium.

Let's finish 2012 strong at #Solstice this Saturday at #BarSmith in Phoenix! #housemusic #dj

Line of the night by Teagan: "You shouldn't write a song about syphilis." "Sex isn't supposed to burn"

Reciprocation is must.

Amen! I wouldn't try to test the waters with me. RT ~bites This isn't a threat. It's a prediction.

Hate me now? RT Freezing

That awkward moment when you pull up to a gas station and a patron is being arrested. #happyholidays

I guess Instagram #foodporn pics are now passé compared to pics of chicks doing bong hits. #need2jointhisgroup

RT The people you take for granted may be your greatest asset. They'll be gone when you need them most.

RT ... I did my best.

Vote has been cast. Hopefully, it's counted by the Wing Nuts controlling the vote in AZ. #potus #hackingdemocracy

Saw this a friend's site and I had to share. Don't be hating as it has a basis in reality. Who doesn't like reality?

I can think of a handful of peeps who could benefit from this.

This says it all.

Line of the night: My wife is drunk over there and I'm taking someone else home tonight

Woman who isn't struggling pays for lunch with change from her purse. #signofthetimes

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