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DJ 1st, International Playboy Playmate 2nd *Spinning Hip-Hop, Top 40, House/Electro, Reggae, RnB, Old-School*

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Yay! Happy birthday to me!!! Pizookie time 


Cleaning my purse I found these, and I thought I was all out a couple days ago *smh*

And for boogie ------> (pic) RT : I was hoping after I posted that someone would offer breakfast lol

Here Erocc -------> (pic) RT : Lemme know when breakfast is ready. I'm STARVING!!

I love making him happy 

Having a drink with ... I feel all grown up sitting here reading. Not quite ready for this change of pace yet tho! n my jokes about being stuck in New York!!! FML WTF SMH and all that stuff!!!

He doesn't! Look RT : LMFAO RT : He doesn't look like a rat :-/ (cont)

Yay! Look what my boo brought for me -----> (pic) RT : I want some ice cream

He doesn't look like a rat :-/ RT : I'm glad ur dog loves me, fucking rat looking thing.

Walking my dog. I had to check the dictionary for this one...

Found this walking my dog right now. Eyes like a hawk for it even tho I'm blind lol

heck yeah I went!!! Was there till 730 this am :-o

Guess I'll go to sleep now, I lost this race again ------->

Ok everyone I'm at Waffle House! Look -------->

Pa-lease! Do not wear a halter top if you don't have a halter bra!!!! #petpeeve

My dog! He djs!! (pic) RT : Everyones a DJ with a Mac Book Pro! I dj, you dj! Everyones a dj with fresh headphones!