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here's a better view!!

working on a mix and this it was it looks like!! so many tracks! lol

new cd drops this weekend!!!

I just bought a diet coke in a bodega in NYC and this shit is some light brown liquid!!! I can't beleive they bootleg soda in

rockin 46 lounge right now!!! it's crazy!!!

DJ Creme live at 46 lounge right now!!!

just walked into my studio and found a great gift!!!! thank you made my

diner breakfast is nothing compared to what I just eat!!! lol u see it's all gone.. lol

Eric morillo and steve Angelo are rockin!!!!!!!!!!!! we VIP in this biaaaatttchhhhh!!!!

my kind of party... we rockin in NYC... we never sleep!!!

46 lounge is insane!!!! like always!! DJ Creme rockin la crema mezcla

just finished checking out cdj 2000s..1 word Amaizing!! thanks they are coming to in the mix soon!!

rockin at la rumba in Atl right now!!!

pay attention people this is the billboard in Atlanta...La Rumba taking promotions to another level..DJ Creme live tonight in Atlanta..

in the mix conference is on! Belleville NJ..we rockin DJ HERO right Now!!!

DJ Creme DJ kazzanova rockin live at 46 lounge at the same's crazy!!!!

allure nightclub rockin!!!

46 lounge is insane..

just got to bungalow... it's crazy!! the number one party in stanford CT!!! la crema mezcla live!!!

at 46 lounge..heaven and he'll party is crema mezcla live

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