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DJ, Actor, Escort, Faggot, and everything in between. What's in your wallet? Vine: Jason Griffin. http://t.co/np5ddQfCTk. IG: DJBakelite

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South Bay LA. Can you see the surfers and seaweed?

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Two Palms and Two Birds... I am beginning to see a theme here. I LOVE palm trees. I want one in my house.

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Black Crows in the backyard morning sky in LA.

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You can never have too much color when traveling. Yummy Orange Sox!

Guess where I am?

Happy Holidays from a saintly on the surface but dirty on the inside piggy! #HappyDirtyHolidays

I can think of a few places to stick this... #HappyDirtyHolidays

Oh, all in a giant tangle again. #HappyDirtyHolidays

How do you like them shiny balls? #HappyDirtyHolidays

Guess who has clean underwear? I do, I do. I show some off later!

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Guess what this is. No, it's not lemonade. Sample to discover what may be up in my lower regions. UGH!

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Just home from the "Naked Hangout" which became "the Orgy" after 4 of us got a penalty for not answering a question right and had to teabag each other. Dicks went up, mouths went down, and an hour later there were 8 or so pools of cum by the Trivia Pursuit Board.... I love my life in NYC!

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I LOVE when surprises like this show up for a brief second in the streets of NYC. It's like an urban bloom of a cactus in the desert. Not often, in brillant color, & only for a brief moment.

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Jay Kay from Jamiroquai singing "Blow my Mind" live at Montreux 2003. This man makes me crazy inspired and lustful. He's just insane and brilliant all at once!

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Woo-Hoo! Dismissed from Jury Duty for 6 years. Don't I look happy and snappy at 60 Centre Street. Woo-Hoo!

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The Woolworth Building accented by some fall color. Not a cloud in the sky today. Just gorgeous!

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Central Park at 110th and CPW. The trees are every color possible and the sun is hugging me.

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Overnight 11 of 11 is now complete and I now look like a strungh out junkie! Ahh, the life in NYC is a crazy one...

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I am so butch in my toolbelt. Grrrrrr!

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Times Square November 5, 2010. NYC. Friday Night!

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