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DJ, Actor, Escort, Faggot, and everything in between. What's in your wallet? Vine: Jason Griffin. http://t.co/np5ddQfCTk. IG: DJBakelite

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#Rotation at #BroadwayBares 2011. Work that shit baby!

Preshow at #BroadwayBares at #RoselondBallroom.

This and the previous shot are from 2010 but I wore a #pinkbikini today I was to strip down to in case he was there this year. As I #DidntGoInto today due to heat, money, and lines, I feel silly. Still, if I am meant to find him, I will. #HappyPrideWeek

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This is why I wanted to go to today. This guy has haunted my head since last year when I first saw him. He won't go away from my fantasies and I want to find him.

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It's me at #RainbowCity. A different kind of playground a block from .

As fate would have it, I ran into debating my next move and he told me to go here. Thanks Jeffrey! #RainbowCity

My vacation from that place in the background for #7Days starts right now! #Woo-Hoo. Now, who wants to play and play #HARD!

Uhm, does anybody know what this is an ad for? This is scary sexy and I want to know. #JohnWayneGacey doesn't have a bio pic coming up does he?

Stunning evening sky tonight. I am sunburned pretty bad but it was worth it to see this sky. #NYC looking over at #Jersey and #GeorgeWashingtonBridge

And one more sneak peak. #GreggHomme baby!

Preview of what's to cum on the Blog. #GreggHomme baby!

Me on a rock getting sun. OOOO, I hate tan lines. #IFeelNaughty.

I love when the streets are wet and the sun is out. It puts the yellow brick road to shame. #CrystalShine! 110th and Manhattan Ave, NYC.

Me, last night, 1am, going #WhoKnowTheFuckWhere and #WhoKnowsTheFuckWhy! All I know is I was #OnTheProwl. 171st and Riverside Under the Westside Highway overpass.

The thighs of the #UnderGear model who works at #GYMBar on the C-train today. You know how I love #calves! YUM!

#15MinBreak I'll buy you a free #redbull if you can guess where I am tweeting from for my 15min break.

#FridayTweetUp for #MemorialDayWeekend and . Great guys with gorgeous eyebrows! (smirk)

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That the #WalkOfShame knowing I can do better and really question WTF I was thinking and what I just did. Christ, whould have just #JerkedOff. UGH!

This spot at #RockCenter once housed a beautiful art-deco 6 space phone kiosk. Now, thanks to cell phone usage it is just a black hole in a marbel floor. #SignOfTheTimes