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DJ, Actor, Escort, Faggot, and everything in between. What's in your wallet? Vine: Jason Griffin. http://t.co/np5ddQfCTk. IG: DJBakelite

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The world of #Antigone cramming lines and ideas at 6am, 6hrs before curtain. #YIKES

The shirt I wore at work last night under my hoodie. #MyHell! I find it's best to put my feelings into art.

12hr shift at the job. Exhausted and feeling toxic. So, why do I want to go shopping? #DangerousPlan!

I've had #tinnitus for what sounds like a week now. Wish it would stop...I SAID I WISH IT WOULD STOP!

Night sky at 125th and Broadway. #Manhattan #NYC #1TrainMTA

UGH, I am tired today. I wanna sleep!

The only light deep in the #MeatPackersParty while 's #PokerFace fills the air!

Just off work from and #Overnight shift. Oh man, I think I'm melting from fatigue.

A favorite location for #NYC viewing. #WoolworthBuilding

The view I have during lunch today. #CityHall. #FinancialDistrict #TheFountainWithLumiere

The view from a rock #CentralParkSouth during my lunch break. I'm a lizard on a rock!

I love to watch people sleep. They look so calm that way. I wonder if I look like that. #Sleeping

Sometimes it just has to be done. #LaundryTime. UGH!

#Aussie men reading #AMNY paper about #911 at #ColumbusCircleMTAStation. Note: Black T-Shirt.

Oh God, yes, I did. When will I learn. (Smirk)

If you just stop and look up, perspective on the whole world can change. #58thAndBroadway

Look, I have new shoelace today to make my beat up #Docs look new...well, kind of new.

"They say if you look at a mirror while smoking crack you'll see someone else's reflection." -Peppermint

Last day of August in NYC always brings a jolt to my life. Year 12 in NYC begins today. What will it bring!