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Here's the date and time my episode on "MTV: True Life" will be aired. :D -->

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Nocturnal going off right now! ;)

L.A... Phoenix wanted me to give you a little message. Muahahaha! #Killmode! ;)

Phoenix is fucking going off ! #911Massive ;)

I wonder if my GF thinks i would do this with how much my girlfriend hates me on my laptop :p hahaha -->

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Ok Facebook, how the fuck do i have (-1) notifications?! -.-

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Ahhh yeaaah ;)

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I will never get tired of doing 2-Hour sets!! Heres a pic from my gig at The Glass House in Pomona on Friday! :)

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But why? :(

Supperclub going off right now!! ;) #DRUNKMODE

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Dude there's fucking people #PLANKING in front of the riot police!! LMFAO hahahaha -->

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So 's mobile rave is officially parked and done! Time to go party now at Supperclub suckas! #VIPMODE ;)

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Too bad all you suckas stuck in that clusterfuck of people at the theatre missed out on ! haha :p

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My view of the block party from my helicopter! ;) #TRUEPILOT

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Why have that when we have these hahaha -->

Why have that when we have these hahaha -->

Soooo sad.. I guess no more saying or asking if your going to the new or old movie theatre. :'( #Alhamhbra

Screen shot from one of the scenes for my upcoming role on
MTV: True Life! Hahaha :p -->

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Dear Outside Street Kitty, I know this is a way of thanking us for giving you food, water and such but c'mon man! #GROSS

Holy shit!! Sorry "Monster Massive (Armin Only)" but i'll take any party over you any day! :0 //

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