Da man round here! Just living for my lil girl and trying to have a good time while I'm here cuz ya never kno when 2mar won't come....

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At crib bout to head home n pop the 1st bottle

Shaunika, b4 she cut her hair and became #StayInYoPlace

My bro at the US foods Christmas Party last year. I told him jus do u but.....#dragonpunch

They say u learn something new everyday. Had no idea my bro had over 5 million hits!smh

Drink of Choice, #IceCold

My girl Sr. Prom date! I told her dat nigga was a lil old fashioned but..... Smh

This is wat happens wen doesn't get his beauty sleep #ouch

My lil homie I told him to always keep his head up n neva let em sell u short smh

My homie b4 he gave up that fast rap shit, u may have heard of him.... #informerrrr

My boy American Idol outfit, I told him it mite be a lil Retro.......smh #killshot

Always knew my bro would make it out da hood, but not as tha Fuzz! #officerRicky

always told me he used to trash niggas on da court, aint kno he meant like real trash

My foster brother before we adopted him. Damn my nigga came a long way

My bro at the pregame meal lmao!

My homie after he lost the buy money! #DatsRiteFrank

My butler before cheekbone surgery #YouRang

My foster brother bummed cuz he aint make the cheer squad I told him #lifeGoesOn

My kid Brother playing with his Radio #BlessHisHeart

Sr Prom pic! Too bad my girl aint win! You got robbed baby, I wanna #recount lmao

My homie wen I told her the tooth ferry didn't exist! She took it pretty well #bang

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