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Made In Oklahoma. Made In the U.S.A. DD Audio Builds high-end audio products for your, auto, home, and personal use. More Info at

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Awesome looking pair of DD3518SC's #BASS #SUBWOOFER Click the link to design your own custom sub!! http://www.ddaudio.com/wizard-application

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Custom pair of DD2508's! Wanna design your own custom sub? Click the link, and don't forget to share it. http://www.ddaudio.com/wizard-application

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Awesome Tech talk section in our newsletter this month!! Check it out! #BASS #SUBWOOFER http://ddaudio.com/news/2013/12/03/december-2013-newsletter

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Want to get great sound quality from your car audio system? Check out our DDX1.1 Active crossover. http://www.ddaudio.com/products/mobile-audio/amplifiers/signal-processor-x-1

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I think a lot of you will agree with this!

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check out these cute little guys. 4-DDSW6.5's ready to be boxed up and shipped out! #BASS #SUBWOOFERS #CARAUDIO

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Another DD9912 Headed to our New Zealand distributor! #BASS #SUBWOOFER #LOUD #CARAUDIO

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We have restocked a ton of items on #DD4LIFE Get over there now, and check it out!! http://www.dd4life.com/

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We are excited to introduce our new DD REDLINE series. Head over to http://ddaudio.com/ to check them out!! #BASS #SUBWOOFER #DDAUDIO

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These are headed to an international distributor. DD9515's #BASS #SUBWOOFER #SPEAKER #LOUD

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LIKE WOAH!! Sick looking pair of DD9912's #BASS #SUBWOOFER 4" coil, 504oz motor, and ready to do DAMAGE!!

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Our new #headphones are available now!! head over to http://www.dd4life.com and get yours! #music

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DD9515 Kevlar cone, carbon fiber dust-cap! #BASS #SUBWOOFER #MADEINUSA

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custom DD3512 Sky blue powder coated basket, carbon fober dust-cap with sky blue DD logo. #bass #loud #subwoofer

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They are here, and ready to go!! http://www.dd4life.com/DXB-03_p_246.html #HEADPHONES #MUSIC

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Digital Designs 9900 Series 12's Supercharged with red composite dust-caps #BASS #SUBWOOFER #CARAUDIO #LOUD

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This!! Custom purple powder coated frame, 8inch Carbon-fiber-dust cap!! DD9912 #BASS $SUBWOOFER #LOUD #CARAUDIO

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Wicked looking pair of DD9912's headed out today!! #BASS #SUBWOOFER #LOUD #DDAUDIO

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4-DD9915's headed all the way to #Trinidad #BASS #SUBWOOFER

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