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we are pitiful.....

My DaughterLuci gives me gold chocolate coins for my lunch every Friday.She says it will help me win! #sofarsogood 11-0


"Football is a game of inches!" #understatement right Oklahoma St. WOW!

GOD has a Flat top I guess..... Luci!

: Btown Californias tallest building is 12 stories, hows that taste New York! :)

: My 5 year old son playing Madden on his Dads ipad, He yells out, "TOUCHDOWN TIM TEBOW!". #LittleTebowFan

I think we all need to embrace a man that loves his school and players as.much as Coach Hill does. #wishihadplayed4him

"Hey, see you Wednesday, Hey see you Wednesday!" : in back ground with his 6-2 GMEN! :)

: No Kalil it doesnt make you look fat. :^) Happy Halloween everyone!

First Team Photo of the 1896 Bakersfield Drillers! #GreatTraditionHonored

But you wont snore..... :^)

Me (Darren Carr) and Cooper Manning......., I like to call it, "The Other Guys". lol, :^))

: Im glad your ok. Are you sure?, Everything is good, your fine, ARE YOU SURE?Good!, with that being said.

My cousin Keith and David Beckham at Halloween store where he works. Cousin in hat on the right. WAY SWEET!!!!

on my break, pull out lunch, Awesome! Thanks Luci!

THIS ONE.. A MAN NAMED JOEL WOULD AGREE! "hear what he called me darren", "yes mike"... "im a take care of it". #O Boy!

caught red handed!!!! lolol!!!!!!!

me and dad at last game!

I am so sick of chop blocks! Golden Valley does it atleast 3to4 times a game leading into ours, NOTHING EVER CALLED!!!!

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