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InfoSec guru, author, political junkie-left of center. I hate extremists on both sides! UGA Dawgs & Carnegie Mellon alum. Transplanted NYer. Smarter than you!

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Do you mean like this?

Tom Toles Cartoon: Russia Welcomes E #Snowden! Fighter for freedom from gov't surveillance & oppression! <-- sitcom!

Total deaths from US Embassy attacks under Dubya: 60. Total number of outraged #GOP #hypocrits in congress: 0 #p2

For those who need to understand the difference between a boss and a leader, see attached!

Technology has come a long way!

Obviously, this was written for the DC area with its "wonderful" drivers!

Word of the Day: Exhaustipated: "Too tired to give a shit!"

Why worry about foreign hackers taking down the US economy when we have the #GOP!! #p2 #cim #tcot

These guys need new ties. Someone please find them some Jerry Garcia ties--something with character! #SOTU

This is for those who can read a Java dump on the website. I am getting tired of bad coding on the web! FIX IT!!

See the attached as to why the #GOP lost this election. #p2 #cim #tcot

Today's Miami Herald Sports Section front page. HOW BOUT THEM DAWGS!! #UGA #Dawgs

The Multinational Corporate Pledge, as they are trying to buy the election! #p2 #cim #tcot

Image of the #GOP after the first debate! :-)

See attached for the definition of the day... #p2 #cim #tcot

Hey... Siri got snarky with me!


Image comparison of new #GOP ticket. I'm just saying... #p2 #cim #tcot

Word of the day: Ineptocracy, which describes the U.S. government perfectly!

Did you know that a large group of baboons is called a congress? That explains a lot!

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