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I'm geeky (you can also use dorky or nerdy...I don't give a monkey's), independent, stubborn, opinionated, sarcastic and cynical....and those are my good points

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Tonight's beer: Appalachian Brewing's Grinnin' Grizzly Seasonal Ale. Smooth...nice level of spice.

Hanging out at the Choir Booth at today's Activity Fair after church. Come make a joyful noise...we have beer! ;-)

Stout in my glass, & this b-movie in my DVD's all good. :-)

Well, at least I got a few things in the post today...need to go buy an HDMI cable tomorrow.

Help, I've got a big purring cat across my lap, & I can't get up!! ;-)

As a pervert, I'm always looking to get my hands on a nice pair...erm, pear crisp. ;-)

Heh heh...Abby is making little whiny noises in her sleep...wonder what she's dreaming about?

At least it's a nice morning. #tryingtofindapositiveslant

I have marked as an cultist of ...tremble with fear, puny mortals!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! [twitch twitch] 8-)

Supposedly this is in today's Collegian (found it outside a coworker's office). Nice advert for the Library. :-)

Tonight's "Beercap Wise Saying" (courtesy a bottle of Magic Hat Hex).

Prezzies from (chile-spiced pineapple & mango, wasabi peas) + Pinot Noir & Cabernet Chukar Cherries.

Final proof that we were at #PAX...our hotel room's keycard.

Another shot of the interior hall. #pax

Success, we're in the hall!! And it only took the "accidental" deaths of 261 people to make this happen. ;-) #pax

Here we find calculating just how many people she will have to kill to guarantee her a good seat. #pax

Our view from the concert line at the Benaroya Hall. #pax

"I got dem 'Wifi & Twitter Overload Blues.'" #pax