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Aka-Acid font on a book I saw while I was hanging around in a bookstore :)

My god! I almost forgot! Happy Star Wars Day! May the force be with you - always. [here's a mojito by Greedo]

Supporting neonazis's community kitchens? I don't think so! #boycottXA

via Nazis and police "Get a Room" #Greece

Via FB #MayDay in Mexico city.

Students rally at Cooper Union NYC #MayDay via #ows FB

via FB Arrests in NYC #MayDay. Police arresting people who wear anonymous masks. 6-7 arrests so far.

Photo via All workers migrants and locals united #1may #Greece

Jaime Lannister relationship status problem on Facebook

Grumpy Cat as Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’.

Easter is coming

Προσωπική δέσμευση Σαμαρά ότι δεν θα μειωθεί ο κατώτατος μισθός via

Στο μπαζάρ του ΚΑΖ έφεραν και ένα πόνυ

Fascists salute today at the funeral of Teodoro Buontempo #Italy #disgusted

A Throne of Games

I want one!

I swear it... #GameofThrones

#Bloodstrawberries #Manolada via Avgi newspaper

Not in my kitchen! #boycott #Manola #bloodstrawberries

WTF? #austerity