The 5ft Assassin


True , the product of 2 ♉. I'm Truly Intolerable...KARMA has my back (remember that)... & skating is my therapy...The end. Hakuna matata!

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Good morning twitter bugs *hugs*

Tryin to get a piece of this sun in the shade

Headed to the pool party. Oooooow! 8-)

Look at half sleep, lol

Me & my sk8 twin all tired OUT from skating!

I'm ready to roll!

Midnight Train with an Uptown. U should b jealous

SK8 Life...u wouldn't understand

Y'all see drive like a nerd, lol

Damn bootlegg! Froze on the dolphin scene! UGH!

Curly Sheen is back!

Y'all see me tryin 2 hide my pimple? LOL #DontJudgeMe

Sleeping in his polo...GN

Well defined rainbow

I think I'm in love...all.over.again specially made pedicure socks NOW who's the 'professionile' lol

[Insert your own caption here]

Me givin the side eye & Cocoa say C'MON SON cuz sum ppl r unbelievable [smh]

Miso shrimp salad meeeee!