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this Doug Anderson kid should get an honorary invite to the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Top 5 Dunker on Earth!

Jay-Z: "Sign here, print here, initial here" Cano: "Dough, let me out"

just look at the lil girls on the right. They KNEW he was gonna miss

Hov pops never taught him how to throw a tight spiral lol

I bet he threw a floater

what position can you put her in? Lmaoooo

these fitness chicks getting outta hand! #EnoughIsEnough

it's gonna take about 500 cash in quarters to vacuum all that damn popcorn out his ride lol

Silky set shot. Soft touch around the basket. Surprisingly nimble. The HEAT gotta sign Ricky this Summer!

what's the official name of this face?

best alley-oop duo in NBA history

ole boy is giving UNC-Charlotte's coach a run for his money!

i just wanna know what his parents fed him

see that's that bullshit lol!

it happens to the best of em, baby girl #StaringAtRandomObjects

put the dumbbells down!

Chris Bosh has inspired millions!

this is a terrible photo shop attempt

underrated yams

Lil Fizz Larkin