Supporting Selena since '09, and here to stay.Selena is my hero.♥ On July 1992 at 7:19 AM in Glens Falls hospital on a Wenesday.♥ 04.16.2013.♡

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today is the last day of the believe tour. i’m incredibly proud of justin for completing 2 world tours at the age of 19. i love you so much and i’m so so so proud of you. thank you for everything you do and putting on such an amazing tour. :') <3 Thank you !

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She is the girl who changed our life many years ago!
She made a so many things for us. There are many things she did!
She gave hope, faith and confidence!
Dare to be yourself and dreaming! As did Selena!
As a little girl dreamed of becoming a famous actress.
And look at this! Success: actress, singer and businesswoman!
Millions across the world worship him!

Dear Selena Gomez!
All thank you so so so so much!
We always love you!

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Happy Birthday Selena Marie Gomez, the girl who inspires millions of people around the world, today is your day, and we Selenators wish all the best to you, and that is always at our side, because we will always be on your side princess WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! :') <3

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Attention, Beliebers! Here’s our #supportBELIEVE guide + icons
The second leg of the Believe Tour has just finished. Justin toured for over 5 months, playing for the fans in almost 100 cities around the world. Now it’s time for us to give Justin what he deserves for putting on such incredible live shows. It’s time to show our dedication & support, and prove the world why we are still the biggest and most active fanbase on the top social networks.
In the past months, our fanbase got easily distracted by fake rumors about Justin’s private life. And we, the members of Bieber-news, believe it’s time for you to notice that the only thing these rumors (and spreading them) cause is a really big negative buzz around Justin’s public image. And a very pointless online drama aswell.
We want to encourage the fans to REJECT the negative press, and focus on the music. Because it’s the only way we can keep Justin’s music career status on the top. And to do so, the bieber-news team has prepared a quick guide on how to help Justin in every way possible.
First of all, voting here. Justin is up for so many different awards. Sitting there thinking your vote is not needed because a lot of people voted already is not going to help. Make sure you actually vote, and also spread the word about voting for Justin (Linking them to this post). Make sure to also add the hashtag #vote4bieber in your tweets.
Secondly, requesting, there has not been enough beliebers requesting Justin’s latest singles (All Around The World & Right Here) the past weeks. Radio airplay is super important, and it counts towards the songs’ position on charts. You can do it no matter your location, all you have to do is to go on this site called There you can request the songs on both radio stations and music channels.
Since the RIAA recenlty reported that they will now count stream plays into their Gold and Platinum certifications, it’d be helpful aswell if you stream the singles on Spotify and Grooveshark instead of playing them on itunes, and also watch the official VEVO (youtube) videos.
All Around The World: Spotify - Grooveshark - Youtube
Right Here: Spotify - Grooveshark - Youtube
#thatPOWER: Spotify - Grooveshark - Youtube
Last but not least, buying his albums/songs is still the best and easiest way to keep Believe and Believe Acoustic on a good chart position. It would be a major help if the ones who can afford it went on iTunes and gifted Justin’s singles (or albums) to their friends and family.
Buy on Amazon
Buy on iTunes
What are you waiting for? Go out there, promote and support your idol. Share this link ( all your belieber friends, pick an icon to use on your twitter account and #supportBELIEVE

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"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome. Now you are entering another world, a world where there are no limits, no rules, only endless possibilities. Can you hear it? The vibration of the beat, the rhythm of your heart and the electricity running through your veins. Allow your imagination to skyrocket, your dreams to be remixed. Let go of everything but what exists. Be strong, be brave, but most importantly believe."

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Things Justin has acomplished before turning 19.©

Got married and made a little girl’s life complete.
Most followed on twitter.
peformed for over 300,000 fans.
made over 17 music videos
Made a movie (never say never)
Launched two perfumes (someday,girlfriend)
Won over 72 awards
Wrote two books
Peformed for the president twice.
2 world tours
Guest star on saturday night live three times
has more than 6 albums
sold out MSG in 22 minutes and 2 shows in 30 seconds.
Peformed at the grammys
signed his own artist.

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“I realize everybody wants what they don’t have. But at the end of the day, what you have inside is much more beautiful than what’s on the outside.”

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Fan: Because you made fun of Justin, Selena? : ( Selena: Well, it was just a” reaction”, you know, David said something and I had a good return for him, which is what happens sometimes. You don’t think before saying something. Of course that went through rude and disrespectful, and I’m sorry for that. I was just being funny at the time, and ended up going a little too far. Although it is not a lie, and a part of me actually feels sort …. Updated? I never speak my mind. My thoughts are always packed inside my head. That’s one of the things I’ve always done. Because when you say something wrong, you got the whole world in this case. […] I hate the fact that he can always say something about me, and it means nothing to you. If he says something, you say I deserved it, but if it’s me, the whole world attacks me. […] I don’t want to sit down and see Justin being praised by hurting myself and not being able to do anything about it #selenagomez #justinbieber #jelena

Selena said this to a fun and them the fan put this in his twitter and them Delete.

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Selena Gomez stops by Hooters for some post breakup wings at Hooters in Burbank, California on December 17th, 2012. The young starlet has once again called it quits with her pop star ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

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