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, wish you were here huh? #Giants playoff getting close to begining.

On the road out of Tokyo. Until next month.

Is Tommy Lee trying to be Bill Murray? Why is he advertising Coffee in a can in Japan?

It's the Jackson 5 of the shell fish world

Say hello to my little friends!

Hilarious....you can't go wrong with a cat wearing a pair of glasses and a fake shirt and tie on!!

#HideoKojima flogging #MGS merchandise at #TGS.

#DeusEx are out in force at #TGS. Go Eidos Montreal

Fanta Radiation Hulk juice and nondescript rice curry thing....so hungry it will have to do. Welcome to #TGS catering

Do not mistake this for a charity teleton, this is Phantasy Star, come on now!!! How could you make that mistake!

And were in

Standing in a monster line waiting to get into #TGS. Nearly a mile long!!!

For all you who asked for proof. Here you go. Now goodbye :)

Hanging with playing some #laracroft

Why did I not go to college here???

#Cal vs. #UCdavis. College football is better than #NFL

#Cal pledgers cleaning the pool for us at the frat house were tailgating at.

did you guys purposely buy this spot around the corner from my house? I just can't get away from them!

Coolest thing I've seen in the office today. They actually make replicas.....frickin awesome.

This is the life. Big ass tv with playing, an empty German bar and plenty beer!

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