Let's play drums and talk about plants. @BestFriendsWV

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: the LL bean yellow duffle bag??” OMG YES. Look at this. Im coming home tomorrow!

Oh hey, Mr. President. You like my tweets? Legalize it, bro, and thanks for the follow. #supportgayweed

I just made the best cup of hot tea in the most adorable mug ever. #imnotabadgirlfriendifIdosaysomyself #sickbaby

YES. Let's do coffee later. Look what Im listening to. It's a sign. <3 you.

Audrey's new kitchen! :0)


Sitting on Tess and Hannah's porch for the last time. :,( #endofanera

I am tempted to drive to you and this song is making it worse. Lmao.

I mean, she literally sleeps ALL day. Who else is gonna cook for me? #thisiswarbabe #jordaninthemiddle

Why is Rita Wilson suddenly Sheryl Crow? #soakupthesunera #greekembarassment #kindofmeanbuttrue

#marianne and her Nine West dress. #jealous #want

Annnnnnd look who finally came back to the bed. #shesnotmadeither

I would do anything to see you right now. You have no clue, little sis. <3 #iloveu


Fuck I love my job. Just got to the radio station and found this guy. #alivinglegend

Hannah baked an awesome shepards pie. #wishyouwerehere

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Now I miss you both. #littlebroandsis #thispictureisgreat


please check out this #CuteOverload lol