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Don't know the words to this song
In amongst the voices in my head
Even there I'm the one that doesn't belong

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Me as a young Jedi in my spaceship, off to fight the empire.
#starwarsday The force will be with you... Always.

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My wee Star Wars collection at my desk. Every day is Star Wars day!
I find your lack of faith disturbing - Vader

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Put a pic of my stupid face for the 1st time.
Only pic I like and that's only bcos it has Bruce Campbell in it too

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I let the voices out today.
They stood around and began to pray;
In silence, the words I could not say.

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Look, she is coming with the clouds,
for those who pierced her.
The peoples of earth will mourn because of her.

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how many to See at the old Crow tree?
A muRder? judgment wilL pass.
from hEaven to hell, i bring wiTh me deaTh.

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Issue#1 - Creepy Scarlett & the Emerald of Lucifer" comic book hits ComiXology 2mro.
Yay! Not bad for a n00b =P

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A fatal impasse between Scarlett, Pumpkinface, Vincent and Calvin.
Panels from issue#3 of Creepy Scarlett

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Create anarchy and chaos by drinking pepsi from a coca-cola glass.

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Series two teaser -
Set me as a seal upon thy heart,
As a seal upon thine arm.
For love is strong as death.

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New character - Tom Saxon, the strongman at Trixie's funfair.

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Final design for Trixie - a character in upcoming issue.
What do you think? likey no likey?

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We baked cookies for you but ate them, sorry. =)

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On "Cooking at Crystal Lake" this week, Jason & I baked cookies.
Same as every week. Jason likes them!

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Page five preview. Issue#2 tells of Scarlett's younger years and her first meetings with Vincent and Pumpkinface.

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Page four preview.

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Page three preview from Creepy Scarlett issue#2. Coming soon.

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