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Girl Scout ad spotted at EWR

Awwwww! Got my first birthday present today! (6 weeks in advance lol)

For those who were asking about the progress of the new stupidly-named tower where the beautiful WTC used to be

Playing with an amazing grill full of meat #happyplaces #yup

Couldn't handle any more jet noise today, so I'm hanging.out with some rockets. Tough life! ;) #pilotday11

Hanging out with the #BTS1 crew at #pilotday11! :-D

It's a Ford

It's a Ford

Plane Jane, 1 of 6 Fleet 2 trainers in existence, becomes part of "America's Attic" :) #pilotday11

A big boy and his even bigger toy :) Tom Fuhrmann tells us about flying at 80,000 feet at mach 3 #pilotday11

Hello again, my lovely future neighbor! :) #pilotday11

This glider went to 50,000 feet. Glider. The only reason the pilot didn't go higher was his O2 system froze #pilotday11

The first helicopter flown in by a sitting U.S. President, the Bell H-13J. Eisenhower was the lucky POTUS #pilotday11

The first pressurized civilian carrier aircraft. The commercial version of the B-17 #pilotday11 Pan-Am! Remember Pan-Am?

The infamous Enola Gay, probably the most controversial plane in the world. #pilotday11

Mike Nelson demonstrates roll with a Wright Flyer #pilotday11

Curator Dorothy Cochrane tells us about the history of this plane & the significance of having a civ trainer #pilotday11

This beauty is about to become the NASM's newest acquisition. The first civilian trainer made, lovingly restored #pilotday11

Check out the finger joints on the woody. Owner/restorer says it's got tons of them, hardest part of restoring it

A woody for :) #pilotday11