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A renaissance man trapped inside a modern woman. Singer/songwriter with a passion for inner and outer exploration of many kinds. Living tweetup.

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We are inside SOFIA! #Spacetweetup

The #geminiflats crew is on the move to #spacetweetup!

Look, , there's a golden beer I like! #wheninKölnyoutrythelocalbeer

*May* be?!

The most badass optical microscope around, by Zeiss.

Just hanging out with only and some old folks...

How to choose?!?! Went with astrophysics and microscopy, even tho the cryo lab and exhibit tech appeal so... #AMNHtweetup

Watch out, Titanic... There's an iceberg in my mojito!

The table all set for #spacetweepdinnerparty :)

. carves the chicken. Or attempts to... 's knives are insanely awful!

My masterpiece! #Spacetweepdinner ()

Just *had* to stop and get a shot of this sunset. Took my breath away... :)

I really really do!!! Thanks , you know me well!

I really really do! Thanks , you know me well! :)

I think someone took over my body... #STS133 #nasatweetup cc: et al

#nasatweetup tweeps at T-30 #GoJuno #JunoisGo!

Checking out what will be Juno's movement in Eyes on the Solar System. Her spinning motion looks pretty wild in there! #nasatweetup

So cool to see one of my favorite people, , presenting to #nasatweetup about

Thinking of as I play with MSL's booster ;) #NASAtweetup

Sweet! A nice memento to see of my first launch! Makes me miss , tho... #NASAtweetup