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Heart Breaker or Heart Smasher, a new Valentine weapon that I made (after looking at the ones I made this year, I wasn't happy about it, so I made this, based on a fave weapon of mine that I made)

  • 1602 days ago via site
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I made a quick plushie today for someone (since I already made the body and the head isn't hard to make) and personally, I like it more then the other helm I made for it, lol

  • 1617 days ago via site
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I lie, I'm showing another preview of the first girl plushie that I ever made (talking my time on it)

  • 1617 days ago via site
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Since this is the first time of me making a plushie with a chest (in other words a girl plushie), I thought I show you a preview of it so far

  • 1630 days ago via site
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BattleonNews, Thought I give a little gift, so I made you an avatar for twitter ;P (I kept the same idea as your current one, but did a different shading style and change the letters to something used in the old times, since battleon is like in the old times, yet giving a new feeling (like the future ;P)

  • 1649 days ago via site
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Feel like showing you all the plushies that I ever made (plus the ones that I got)

  • 1684 days ago via site
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Guess what, I wasn't happy with the end result again, so I thought I go for a third time on this ;P, again, was inspire by SolracAE's twitter avatar (hope you guys like it)

  • 1691 days ago via site
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the Circuit Wings by me, HS name, Crazy Coxy (heres an animation to it just ignore the bottom half of the weapon and look at the top part which will be the wings ;))

  • 1751 days ago via site
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Another comic, only a bit Nicer :P, Comic made by me, my HS name is Crazy Coxy

  • 1755 days ago via site
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My Entry in the HS Comic Contest (hope you guys like it ^_^) My HS name is Crazy Coxy

  • 1755 days ago via site
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TomaHawk Daggers (inspire by TomaHawk set

  • 1760 days ago via site
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the start of making the undead XD

  • 1766 days ago via site
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Improve Thunder Blade (its kinda nice to see this weapon again XD) heres the animation (NOTE: the design is based on the old version of the weapon)

  • 1768 days ago via site
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sorry, no pictures :O, but I have links ;P, Thunder blade and ...aqua swift blade (note these are old ideas XD)

  • 1768 days ago via site
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Electrically Daggers, made by me for this contest

  • 1771 days ago via site
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The Coxy's Gompantor (name inspire from Lord Coxy and Gompa) by me (Lord Coxy) and (Gompa) Sword base by , Color, added details, shading and a shield by me

  • 1776 days ago via site
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WIP: Battle Suit with Battle Armaments (a sword and a shield weapon) suggestions to improve this would be nice

  • 1781 days ago via site
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WIP: Battle Suit, suggestions to improve this would be nice

  • 1784 days ago via site
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Here is my new weapon, Coxy's Switch Bow (and has an animation also) Comment Please

  • 1812 days ago via site
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This is a very simple design with a simple animation comment please

  • 1812 days ago via site
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