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and at the end of the skull parkour....

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Be scared.... be very very scared >:) (all jumps are possible, tested each one)

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Ladies and gentleman, welcome to TESTIFITOSS, challange 3 in the upcoming challange map "After The Portal". The door here wont open untill all 4 holes have at least 1 Villager in them. Villager can be spawned from the dispensers and you have to toss them into the holes with snowballs!

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Big enough for the Villager Toss minigame? I think so.

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this is how small it is now, but how big it will be is a whole different story.

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Made a basic class chooser for minecraft :D If you want to download it and test/edit it : http://ge.tt/9cqqJJQ/v/0?c

The Machine is not too far from the village you will be teleported to.

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And finally, all 3 of the Scythes of All Hallow's Eve. Death's Scythe (from AQW and made by Nulgath I believe), Jack's Scythe and The Eternal Scythe.

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After at least 24 attempts here it finally is! THE ETERNAL SCYTHE!

This scythe is truly the ultimate weapon, because even without a wielder it can decide who lives and who does not, making it more powerful then even Death's Scythe. But then again, part of the Eternal Scythe is Death's Scythe. The Eternal Scythe is made by holding Jack's (of the halloween lore) scythe and Death's scythe under the moon of All Hallow's Eve, better known as Halloween. Although the scythe is balanced and can remain the balance between life and death with the help of Death Himself, once in the wrong hands, it could mean the end of the world, although the scythe first judges if your plans with the scythe are pure, otherwise the scythe will devour your soul and return back to it's original 2 parts, Jack's Scythe and Death's Scythe.

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Base of the Eternal Scythe. I will be adding a lot more.

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Seems like the only one in my timeline who isn't drunk of his azz is Alpha. well...

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This is literally the only progress so far on the Eternal Scythe. Making the ultimate weapon is difficult x-x

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The Eternal Scythe! Enjoy!

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Jack's Scythe, one of the two scythes who can become the Ultimate weapon.

Jack was the only mortal to confront the devil and lived to tell the tale. The devil wanted to take him to hell. He lured the devil in a tree and carved a cross on the tree. The devil and jack made an agreement that the devil would not take him to hell as his he wanted to. Years pass and jack died, but he couldnt go to heaven because of his deeds but neither could he go to hell, his soul stuck in the realm of the living.

Jack crafted a weapon, a scythe to be precise, with his knowledge of the scythe of Death himself. Making this scythe took him a long time, and it wasn't a waste of time. He made one of the two ingridients to the ultimate weapon. Jack's Scythe always reaches it full power on the dark nights of Halloween. On halloween, if Death's Scythe and Jack's Scythe clash, they will become the ultimate weapon known as the "Eternal Scythe", the one with this scythe is mightier over life then Death himself is, he can decide who lives and who does not. (Yes I may make the Eternal Scythe later)

Where jack's soul rests now in the living realm is unknown, but there has been sights of a soul with this scythe near pumpkin patches.

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Progress on Jack's Scythe

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you may have noticed some demons going... well... insane to say the least. Simple explination. Halloween, the time the true aggression and power of a demon comes up, becomes uncontrollable, and will demons make completely invincible till the sun comes up the day after halloween. Do not take these "hallow demons" forms lightly.

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Soon.... HEHEHEHEH *eye twitch*

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I do not mind this google chrome extension (Stylist). Me gusta

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I uh wha.... uhm what the.... wut..... is that..... I don't even.... o.o

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